Delicious Irish Pork Chops

Pork like you’ve
never tasted it before.

Raised in the Boyne Valley, our pigs live on a natural diet enriched with olives and flaxseed, giving our pork, bacon and ham a distinctive rich flavour, with improved levels of Omega 3 and added health benefits.


for Flavour


High in
Omega 3



100% Irish

from the
Boyne Valley

Olive Pork is flavour at its finest

Boyne Valley
Born & Braised

Throughout history, the rich and fertile lands of the Boyne Valley have attracted some of Ireland’s earliest settlers. For over 4,000 years these lush grasslands, fed by the pure water of the Boyne river, have fed generations of our ancestors, producing some of the highest quality food on our island.

Premium Irish Pork from the Boyne Valley
Olive Pork Team

Meat Made Better

At Littlegrange we believe in the importance of traditional farming values. But we also believe that change can be good. Which is why when Colin Marry took over the family farm, he wanted to change how we think about meat production. Realising that traditional meat production and it’s effect on our environment was unsustainable, he decided to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Flavour at
its Finest

Researching best-practice farming methods from other parts of the world, Colin experimented with adding olives and flaxseed to the pigs diet, and discovered that not only were the pigs healthier and happier, but the meat tasted like nothing he had tasted before. Not only has our pork a uniquely distinctive flavour, but with improved levels of Omega 3 there are numerous health benefits to including it in your diet.

Olive Pork Ribs

Our Meat

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Olive Pork Irish Ham


Olive Pork Irish Belly Ribs

Belly Ribs

Boned and Rolled Olive Pork Shoulder

Boned & Rolled Shoulder

Olive Pork Irish Pork Belly

Pork Belly

Olive Pork Bacon Rashers


Olive Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Meat with a Mission

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Meet the pig farmer taking a new direction with emphasis on sustainability and creating direct links with consumers

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